Europe Science: Reaching the public

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Europe Science: Reaching the public

Europe Science: Reaching the public

Research is not always realising its full potential - more often than not due to inadequate dissemination. Hundreds of valuable research projects are published every day, but most fail to end up in the right place. 

It seems that researchers find it hard to reach their target audience –  which leads to a decrease of potential impact of their research. 

Reversely, people can’t find relevant scientific information. It is almost impossible to stay informed on topics that matter to you – as a policymaker, a journalist, a patient, a scientist from another discipline, or a member of the general public. Search engines do not provide scientifically validated results that are attractive and easy to digest. 

These problems are recognised by the European Commission – as written in their report HORIZON 2020 in full swing, where ‘outreach to civil society’ is listed as a key area for improvement. 

This is where Europe Science comes in. 

Europe Science is an overarching platform for the dissemination of science. On the one hand, Europe Science facilitates researchers in the production, publication and distribution of science content. Thanks to automatic analytics, we can meticulously identify specific audiences – and reach them directly through the platform. On the other hand, Europe Science enables people with an interest in science to easily receive scientific stories and results. 

The platform also gives them the opportunity to search, find and consume scientific content intuitively. Result: maximising the impact of science on society. Over time, Europe Science will benefit from large-scale data analysis, gain valuable insights into the online behaviour of (academic) audiences, and connect them with relevant research results. 

In other words: Europe Science will maximise the impact of science on society!