5 Proposed Missions of Horizon Europe

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5 Proposed Missions of Horizon Europe

5 Proposed Missions of Horizon Europe

These missions were proposed by the so-called mission boards. These boards were formed to “help specify, design and implement missions for Horizon Europe. Their formation was the result of an open call for interest.” 15 Experts with different backgrounds and perspectives were invited to each board.  

At the end of June 2020 these boards presented their reports with targets and timelines for possible missions. They will form the foundation for discussions and engagement with European citizens from now until September. The Commission will announce its selected missions at the end of 2020 and they will launch in 2021.

These are the 5 missions proposed by the different boards:

Conquering Cancer: Mission Possible
Targets by 2030: more than 3 million more lives saved, living longer and better, achieve a thorough understanding of cancer, improve prevention, improve diagnosis and treatment, support the quality of life of all people exposed to cancer, and ensure equitable access to the above across Europe.

Accelerating the transition to a climate prepared and resilient Europe
Targets by 2030: prepare Europe to deal with climate disruptions, accelerate the transition to a healthy and prosperous future within safe planetary boundaries and scale up solutions for resilience triggering transformations in society.

Regenerating our Ocean and Waters
Targets by 2030: cleaning marine and fresh waters, restoring degraded ecosystems and habitats, decarbonising the blue economy in order to sustainably harness the essential goods and services they provide.

100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030 - by and for the citizens
Targets by 2030: support, promote and showcase 100 European cities in their systemic transformation towards climate neutrality by 2030 and turn these cities into experimentation and innovation hubs.

Caring for Soil is Caring for Life
Targets by 2030: at least 75% of all soils in the EU are healthy and able to provide essential services that we depend on, for healthy food, people, nature and climate.